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Courses on Environmental Communication

Sustainability Marketing and Communication (Elective, Master program Communication Science)

This seminar addresses the challenges of sustainable behaviour and discusses possible solutions to overcome barriers through marketing and communication. In the first part, we focus on behaviour change and discuss the most relevant psychological factors and processes contributing to more sustainable behaviours and look into their applications in different areas of sustainability communication. For example, what are the specific barriers and motivations for sustainable behaviour? How can environmental communication contribute to long-term changes in individual attitudes and behaviours? In the second part, we will take an organizational and societal perspective to look at sustainability marketing and communication. We will discuss the role of corporations and other organizations. We will learn about different worldviews and meanings attached to sustainability and discuss the role of public engagement and public debate.

Research participation and Internships

We have several possibilities for research participation and internships for students who would like to work on the topic of Environmental Communiation. If you are interested, please reach out to the researchers you would like to work with